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Stainless Radiant Firebacks


Protect your fireplace and get more heat from your fires!

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This Woodfield fireback protects the back wall of the fireplace and reflects heat to
the room. These firebacks reduce the heat on the back wall of the fireplace by 1/3 and cause the fire to put out 20-30% more heat.

Each fireback has a gentle curve applied to its back. This pre-stresses the
fireback to minimize warping. Constructed of 14-gauge, 304-alloy stainless
steel, the Radiant Fireback is easy to handle. Slotted support legs allow you to adjust it to
three angles: 65°, 75°, and 90°. The legs are one inch high, 2-3⁄8 inches wide, and 11 inches long.

“I love this heat shield…It worked so well we didn’t turn on our living room heater all winter. It paid for itself in energy savings alone.” -S.L. in Killeeen

“This heat shield works great. My central heater did not come on all winter when I had a fire going.” -D.P. in Temple

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15" Wide x 15" High, 18" Wide x 16" High, 20" Wide x 20" High, 24" Wide x 24" High, 27" Wide x 27" High


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