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Our Loyal Customers

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Thanks for the top-notch service the other day guys. It was really nice of you all to get my chimney done by some real professionals. 

C.D., Harker Heights

Wow, my goodness, oh my, I’m so embarrassed. I can’t believe all that came out of my dryer vent. I have got to tell all my neighbors about you. 

G, Harker Heights

I used to be able to sit on the hearth when the fire is going but with the heat reflecting shield in place, it is too hot. This is great. 

W.L., Copperas Cove

The last chimney sweep we had, ‘The Chimney Pro’, spent only 15 minutes here. He ran a brush up about two feet, swished it around, and said that will be $60 and left. You did a much more thorough job. We feel much safer now. We’ll get you to take care of our chimney from now on. 

Customer, Harker Heights

I love this Heat Reflector. The first time I used it I had my television blanket on my lap. I had to take it off. Too hot!!! It works so well that it heated the living room and hall so nicely we did not turn on our electric heater for almost the entire winter. The savings from us not having to use the heater more than paid for the reflector. 

S.L., Killeen

Previously we used another chimney sweep but you are much more thorough and explained things to us. We are going with you from now on. The other sweep we used didn’t do half of what you did. It took him only 15 minutes. You are my sweep from now on. 

Lydia, Killeen

The Heat Shield works great. My central heater did not come on at all when I had the fireplace going. It heated my entire home! I love it!!! 

D.P., Temple

Mr. Ables, Thank you for your service and education of burning a safe fire in our fireplace. Thank You. 

K.H., Killeen

Thanks for the great job you did fixing the chimney energy loss and the smoke smell. We are so much more comfortable. 

N.W., Copperas Cove

Doug, Thank you so much for your help and the info you provided. I finally got somebody to come out here and fix my dryer. And wow! My laundry is dry in no time. I did not even know that my dryer was actually a good one. I mean, heavy soaked towels! Done!! It does not take me all weekend to do laundry. Thank you so much. My husband did clean it before and it was a little bit better but this is like having a different laundry room with a new dryer! I also feel so much safer now. I really want to keep this up. So please schedule (mine for) a once a year cleaning. I will probably call you before. Again, you don’t even know how thankful I am. 

Michaela, Kempner

We wanted to tell you all how pleased we are with your services. We had our dryer vents cleaned and the chimney-mid-December. Our clothing is drying in half the time! We are burning fires safely… About a week after your service I was cleaning around the house. I came across the chimney sweep figurine on the fireplace mantel. We got many smiles out of seeing it! We keep it on the fireplace mantel to tell stories about our chimney sweep. That’s such a thoughtful thing to do. We appreciate your professionalism. When I answered the door and saw you all wearing the top hats-I felt comfortable and happy! You all go above and beyond. Ables Top Hat Chimney Sweeps are masters in their trade that makes it an art! 


We rent a house and our rental company didn’t have any record of when our chimney was last cleaned so we decided to have it done. I chose Ables Top Hat Chimney Sweeps because of the other great reviews. He certainly did not let us down! He even lived up to the Top hat name and came wearing a top hat. Not only did he do a great job at sweeping out the chimney but when he was on the roof he noticed some messed up shingles and warned me…very considerate. He was very informative. He also gave my daughter a cute chimney sweep coloring book!! I will definitely continue to use them as well as refer my friends to him!! 

Customer, Killeen

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You may not remember me but I contacted you over a year ago about how to repair a rusted out Heatilator. Your instructions and guidance enabled us to make the repair and we feel safe and secure about using it again. We lit it up and it is working wonderfully well! Without your help, I’d had to make a very costly repair. 


Top notch service. He even has a top hat. He was on time and knew exactly how to get the cap back on our chimney after the wind had blown it off. We have a very steep roof and he handled it very well. The chimney is cleaned. The cap is bolted on. He cleaned up after the job. The fee was reasonable. 

Bulldog, Killeen

Doug did a superb job. Very clean and hard-working. The last chimney sweep we had left a dusty mess all over my furniture but not Doug. He was super clean, quick and thorough with not a speck of dust left in the house. Very courteous and highly professional. We will use him again and again and recommend him to everyone! 

N.E., Harker Heights

GREAT WORK. I am recommending you to EVERYONE 

Barbara, Copperas Cove

Doug! Doug! . . . I’m convinced he’s “da” man and if he can’t help you, perhaps no one can. I appreciate your getting involved with my problem, and thank the wife for me as well. 


As a former business owner who prided his business on customer service, I am honored to do business with you. You’ve been a pleasure to deal with. 


I had our chimney cleaned and inspected today by Ables Top Hat Chimney Sweep and they did a great job. Not only did they do a great job but I also got very useful information concerning my fireplace and things to watch out for in the future. My grandson also liked the little chimney sweep and the coloring book he received. I will definitely use this company again and highly recommend them. 

Warina, Nolanville

I was more than pleased with Ables Top Hat Chimney Sweeps. They arrived right on time and did an excellent job. Doug explained everything that was done and everything that needed to be done on upkeep. He didn’t try to sell me anything needless and was very fast. He was very polite and gave my son a miniature chimney sweep when he was done. The prices are great and comparable to others in the Killeen/Fort Hood area. I will definitely call them anytime I need anything done with my fireplace again. 5 stars all the way! 

Kasey, Copperas Cove

Ables Top Hat Chimney Sweep arrived on time for their appointment with me. They did a superb job of cleaning my chimney and fireplace. Not only did they provide great service, but they also explained everything to me that I needed to know for its future care. Their prices are very reasonable. I will be using them in the future for my chimney cleaning and care. 

Darlene, Harker Heights

They did a great job. Kudos to them for being a great local business. I would highly recommend. 

Customer, Lampasas

On time, thorough and did a great job cleaning afterward. Well worth the price. 


They did a great job. 


Doug did a simply superb and beautiful job replacing my chimney crown. It is great and I am going to tell all my friends at work that he is the greatest. He got ‘er done! 

Robert, Kempner

This small business was wonderful from start to finish! The receptionist was so nice & the two workers that came out were very friendly & informative. We had our fireplace cleaned & the screen replaced. Hands down, we will be using them for years to come. 


Very kind and quick service. They were on time. The chimney sweeping took about 45 minutes from in the door to out and no mess was left behind at all. The price was very reasonable. I would highly recommend Ables to anyone! 


Wonderful honest service. Had my air vents and dryer vent cleaned. Very courteous and clean work! 

Sonia R.

Kudos to them for being a great local business. I highly recommend. 

Tina M.

We now have the greatest Chimney Sweep!! Thank you so much for today!!! 


Ables showed up on time and was very friendly. He was very professional and left no mess. The cleaning did not take much time out of my day. He also educated me on the type of fireplace I had and left me with pamphlets explaining my fireplace in more depth. 

Angie’s List Anonymous

This company is truly a family business. Mr. Ables was right on time and very pleasant. He left no mess behind and educated me about the type of fireplace I have. He also left me with some pamphlets about my fireplace. (Which I am happy about) I highly recommend this business. It is affordable and has great customer service. 


We now have the greatest Chimney Sweep!! Thank you so much for today!!! 


Make sure that your chimney is cleaned after you have used it all winter. And if you want it done right go to Ables Top Hat Chimney Sweep. He does it all and he does it 100% top quality work and very reasonable rates. He is the best. Don’t go anywhere else you’ll be sorry. 

Lisa S.

Best in the business. Used him 2 yrs ago. Going back as recommended. Love him and his family!! Great work, clean, thorough, and just a good person. 


Can’t thank Doug enough for braving this awful, bitter wind today to go back up on the roof and secure our vent opening so we won’t be a bed & breakfast for another pair of birds. Had a wonderful visit with his grandson’s assistant. What a nice young man. Smart too, that one! 


” Thank you to Ables Top Hat Chimney Sweep for cleaning and fixing our Chimney in our new home. We will recommend y’all to everyone. We will also be getting all our vents cleaned soon. This company has great customer service, they were very professional, and the work was completed perfectly. The top hat was adorable as well. 


Want to take a moment to say these guys did an awesome job. They were on time, professional and gave some great advice for our small fireplace, as well as superb cleaning. I highly recommend! That said, I couldn’t get him to dance and sing “Chim Chim Cher-ee” for my granddaughter. 


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